Shed Pakistan


The main objectives of SHED is to promote and protect the rights of vulnerable segments of society especially children and women who come under conflict of law. Its human resources encompasses a cadre of professionals ranging from management,  lawyers, researchers, teachers, educationists and clinicians, social scientists and health care workers who hold highest professional degrees in their fields. The key individuals strengthen the organization’s capacity bringing with them ample experience of academic excellence, fieldwork, data management and social and clinical practice having extensive experience in project management and implementation.


SHED has successfully completed several important projects in collaboration with international organizations such as UNICEF and government institutions.


We have recently completed health awareness program in prisons of Karachi (Central prison Karachi, Women jail Karachi, youth offenders reformatory school central prison Karachi and District Jail Malir) under an agreement and with the support of Youth Affairs Department Government of Sind to improve health awareness among youth offenders in prisons,  we are in process of signing an extension of this agreement to extend this program to all seven prisons of Sind province.


With the grace of Allah we have excellent acquaintance with Police and Prison departments to execute any project in prisons and we have access in all prisons of Sind province.

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