Shed Pakistan


Institutional strengthening to improve justice for children in conflict with law in collaboration with UNICEF
SHED has worked closely with UNICEF for the uplifting health and education status of children and women living in Prison. SHED has successfully completed two projects: 1) Strengthening social justice for children in conflict with law and 2) Strengthening Diversion Mechanism for children in conflict with law in child protection centres. The projects activities successfully strengthened diversion mechanism, established two child protection centres in Karachi and Hyderabad. The Child Protection Centre Project worked for the relief, rehabilitation and development in Juvenile Justice Sector. SHED has successfully implemented Youth Health Awareness Programme (YHAP)- a project of Youth Affairs Department, Government of Sindh, a core entity to deal with the matters of youth health in the province of Sindh. The project was implemented in partnership with Pakistan Medical Association (PMA) from November 2012-May 2013. The project conducted a series of training workshops and seminars on sexual and reproductive health related issues of youth. SHED has also initiated and implemented series of sessions for youth offenders in women prisons and reformatory school of Sindh.

SHED in collaboration with Police and with the support of UNICEF provided support to the institutions responsible for juvenile justice i.e. Police, Probation, Prosecution, Prison, Judiciary and Social Welfare Department in the administration of justice for children in contact with the law  in conflict with law at the local and provincial levels based on the principles of restorative justice and as provided for in the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Children (UN CRC and other relevant international instruments on juvenile justice.

The aim of the program was to strengthen capacities of justice and social welfare institutions to promote diversion and child friendly investigation for children in conflict with law, enhance their knowledge and application of the Juvenile Justice System Ordinance (“JJSO”), monitoring cases and knowledge and information management.

The project supported relevant institutions in establishing a process for timely diversion of cases for children in conflict with law and advocate for the appointment of a Special Public Prosecutor for children within the Prosecutor General Sindh’s Office. Further it will provide technical assistance and advocacy to the Police Department to create a Child and Youth Relation Service where a Child and Youth Relation Officer would handle the cases of children in contact with law.

The project provided technical assistance to the police department to prepare SOPs for implementation by the police officers to address cases of children in conflict with the law in accordance with the JJSO, including accurate, official documentation..